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R.E.D.D. permette di valutare il rischio urbanistico/edilizio di un asset immobiliare andando a verificare la legittimità del corredo documentale.


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R.E.D.D. Benefits

Documentation evaluation


Risk assessment based on documentation. Don’t worry, once you’ve analyzed your property with our software, we’ll get the documents you need!

Online Consulting


Through chat and chatbot consulting, you will have immediate interaction with qualified professionals and at very advantageous prices compared to the market ones.

Asset Digitization


Digitize the asset by organizing the existing documentation and going to find the missing one! Artificial Intelligence, applied to the documentation, will read and extract the information relevant to you.

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Get your property's risk assessment by answering our survey

By answering simple questions, you'll find out if your property is at risk! Basically, once you have completed the questionnaire, you will get a score and report on your property. This will include the summary table of all the documentation in your possession and that not available but necessary for a complete real estate valuation.


Case Studies

edificio con destinazione commerciale oggetto di ristrutturazione

"commercial building undergoing renovation"

R.E.D.D. has entirely replaced the method by which Due Diligence was performed by the customer. The existing data room was reorganized and the software applied. Some critical issues immediately emerged. In particular, the need for a permit from the Park of Veio.

edificio a destinazione industriale oggetto di ristrutturazione e cambio di destinazione in residenziale.

"industrial building undergoing renovation and change of use to residential. "

The client had never performed due diligence on the property. Now the R.E.D.D. software is an essential tool for the client who applies the questionnaire to all his real estate transactions and assets in his portfolio. In particular, in this case, R.E.D.D. has made it possible to bring the issue of secondments to the attention of the client.

Clients Reviews

Simplified Process

  • Documents Evaluation

    Get your property's risk assessment in just a few clicks with a downloadable report.

  • Online Professionals

    professionals at the click of a button: chat with established professionals from the real estate world

  • Digital Passport

    If a property receives a positive rating (less than 37), it obtains a REDD certificate which shows that the documentation is complete and that no substantial critical issues have been identified.

A Team You Can Trust

Riccardo Delli Santi


He specialises in real estate and urban planning law and, in particular, in land management, real estate and public services.

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Valentina Delli Santi


An expert in urban law, legal real estate due diligence, strategies for real estate development and in the management and coordination of events of a legal nature.

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Alessio Toccarelli


Graduated with 110 cum laude in economics of financial intermediaries with a focus on risk management at the Faculty of Economics of Knowledge. He has gained experience in the areas ...

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Federico Tonucci

REDD Academy - Area tecnica

Engineer, graduated in 2017 with honors from the Faculty of Engineering Construction-Architecture “La Sapienza”. He works as a technical consultant for leading engineering and real estate companies.

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Documents shall take shape.

R.E.D.D. allows documents to self-read. In addition, it is able to overlap the planimetries, highlighting any discrepancies.

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Most requested services

We have experience and competent consultants.

  • Overlapping plans

  • Data Room Management and Organization

  • Finding missing documents

  • Online consulting


REDD in a nutshell

R.E.D.D. allows to evaluate the urbanistic/construction risk of a real estate asset! Once you have answered all the questions of the questionnaire, you will get a rating and a report with an indication of the documents present and those not available but essential for the analysis.
R.E.D.D. will also be able to apply artificial intelligence to the reading of documents!


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